6.11 Star Wars should be able to afford better meals.


6.11 Proper Meal: Adequate hot meals with a reasonable selection shall be provided. It is understood and agreed that snacks: i.e., soft drinks, hot dogs, pizza, etc. do not constitute a proper meal.


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David Simon on Unions. “Organized labour doesn’t have to win all the battles, But we should win most of them.”


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Unpaid Internships Must Be Destroyed


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When Your Boss Steals Your Wages


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List of film unions and their contracts


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Negotiations, we should have a seat at the table


Large corporations hire lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians. When worker’s want to negotiate we are regulated. The word the government has for workers negotiating with their employer is

That filthy filthy word…. “union”

Somehow it became a filthy word to negotiate with your employer.

Fun fact, 24% of Canadian workers are union. 30% in Germany, 8% in the US.

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Tiger strike!


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