Why Should We Unionize? Flow chart

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The Last Counter Weight To Corporate Power

Naomi Klein posted this to twitter recently.

I respond with this image of Obama and Woodie…..

A recent study on union memberships link to fall in sallery

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J.Stuart on Low High Paid Teachers Unions

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S.Colbert on trickle down

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The right to bargain collectively

In June 2007 the Supreme Court of Canada extensively reviewed the rationale for regarding collective bargaining as a human right. In the case of Facilities Subsector Bargaining Association v. British Columbia, the Court made the following observations:

The right to bargain collectively with an employer enhances the human dignity, liberty and autonomy of workers by giving them the opportunity to influence the establishment of workplace rules and thereby gain some control over a major aspect of their lives, namely their work… Collective bargaining is not simply an instrument for pursuing external ends…rather [it] is intrinsically valuable as an experience in self-government… Collective bargaining permits workers to achieve a form of workplace democracy and to ensure the rule of law in the workplace. Workers gain a voice to influence the establishment of rules that control a major aspect of their lives.[5]

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Jeffrey Sachs On The Shrinking Middle Class

Jeffrey Sachs is an American economist author of The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time.

More information on wealth disparity

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Who Is In The $1 annual Salary CEO Club?



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