Actual Wealth Distibution

The chart below provides the actual wealth distibution for a country with economic disparaties worthy of a banana republic.  The estimated wealth distribution is what a representative sample of the people in the country think is the wealth distribution within their country.  The ideal wealth distribution is what the same people think would be an ideal distribution for wealth within their country.

Guess which country they are talking about.  Hint:  It’s not in Latin America.

The fourth and fifth percentiles are too small to register on the “Actual” line.  Each percentile represents 20% of the population within the country.  The fourth percentile represents 0.2% and the fifth percentile represent 0.1% of the wealth within the country.

Source:  a report by Michael Norton of the Harvard Business School and Dan Ariely of Duke University.

This should make you sick. if your not already by events in Wisconsin


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This is a group blog of vfx artists working in Vancouver. Inspired by vfxsoldier we decided to take a stand and speak out about the great imbalance of power that exists between the employer studios and individual vfx artists. We are tired of keeping quiet while the vfx studios come up with ever more creative payment schemes to reduce their production costs at our expense while openly violating BC labor laws.
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