What are the laws and what is being practiced by VFX studios?

If your interested in the discussion over VFX studios abiding or not abiding by B.C. Employment standards. You may have been hit with this argument:
“REMEMBER!!!!  You cannot sign away your rights.  Employers cannot present to you a contract that contravenes BC labour law and enforce it.”

This is correct. You can’t sign away your rights. I will again restate the fact that if you know anything about B.C. Employment standards, you may know that they don’t protect the worker very well. This fact may frequently be reminded to you with every contract that you sign that contravenes BC labour law. The majority of studios will present you with their own creative interpretations of labour laws and gleefully point out that someone else will take the 4 month freelance job if you don’t want to.
So what’s the difference? You can’t rob gas stations either but that happens every night. We have laws against robbing gas stations. If we stopped enforcing them and made it so Station owners had to pay to find the robbers, further more, risk sticking their necks out…..you get the point.

What are the laws and what is being practiced by VFX studios

These are two separate topics of debate. Whether it’s legal and whether it’s being done.  The question I’m interested in is what can be done about it?


About vfxinsider

This is a group blog of vfx artists working in Vancouver. Inspired by vfxsoldier we decided to take a stand and speak out about the great imbalance of power that exists between the employer studios and individual vfx artists. We are tired of keeping quiet while the vfx studios come up with ever more creative payment schemes to reduce their production costs at our expense while openly violating BC labor laws.
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