“If you don’t like it you can quit!”

I ‘m always alarmed when i hear “If you don’t like it you can quit!”

Why do we have laws? Are protectionist laws a given or were they banged out over the years for a reason? Are they altruistic? For example, why do i pay taxes to make sure that your shit won’t be stolen? Why do i care if it is stolen? Further more my taxes pay police to punish someone I also don’t care about? For a crime I may never hear about. It would be cheaper for me to have better deadbolts on my door than to make sure everyone is protected equally.

It’s not altruistic at all.  These laws exist to benefit our self interests.

Why do we have labour laws?

What does fairness have to do with my interests in relative to your interests? Well for the same reasons that we collectively protect our property from crime, we all benefit when the field is a level. It actually isn’t altruistic it’s a flavour of selfishness. Collective levellers are expensive but we see the benefits.

Would you sit down at a poker game that had no rules? Of course not. The game is fun because the rules are all known and enforced. Everyone is playing based on their skill set.

The comparison to the VFX industry here in Vancouver is not hard pressed one. 90% of the studios don’t pay overtime. Almost all of the studios get you to negotiate your rate on a 10 hour day.  No benefits no RRSP payments.

If you were at Digital Domain this week you may have gotten a pancake breakfast though.


About vfxinsider

This is a group blog of vfx artists working in Vancouver. Inspired by vfxsoldier we decided to take a stand and speak out about the great imbalance of power that exists between the employer studios and individual vfx artists. We are tired of keeping quiet while the vfx studios come up with ever more creative payment schemes to reduce their production costs at our expense while openly violating BC labor laws.
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